Protecting Pets from Rodent Carried Diseases

sticky mouse traps

Protect her with a sticky mouse trap.

Folks with pets build their wolds around these fuzzy friends. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person the love you have for your pet is undeniable. You might assume that pet owners would be tolerant of something like a mouse infestation because of this furry sentimentality.

Hopefully, you are assuming wrong.

While your cat or dog might play with or take out these mice themselves that end could be potentially very dangerous. Doubtlessly you understand that mice carry diseases that can harm you or your family. You might expect that your pets are safe from these diseases but you would be very wrong. In fact your pets might be among your family members most vulnerable to catching bacterial diseases from rampant rodent infestations.

Reports have links rodents to a wide variety of ailments in dogs and cats including kidney failure and respiratory problems. This means that some non-toxic glue mouse traps from Catchmaster could keep your family and your pets healthy and happy for some time.

Keeping our traps in places like behind the refrigerator or stove is a great way to catch your mice without bothering your curious pets. Protect everyone with a sticky mouse trap!

The Perennial Threat of Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug monitorsWeather changing can cause an influx of rodents or a wide variety of bugs. For bed bugs however an infestation has a lot less to do with the temperature. In fact the seemingly arbitrary mating and feeding practices of these microscopic creatures make them a year round scourge to be feared and searched for. This is why Catchmaster’s bed bug monitors should be available in your home weather it is the end of May or the deepest coldest week of February.

Bed bugs can lay almost entirely dormant for years before stirring up a full scale infestation of your living space. With no external means of monitoring for these bugs the infestation could occupy your furniture, floorboards, and all of your clothes before you notice the first sign of their presence.

Getting the jump on a bed bug infestation could come in the form of a travel bed bug spray or with a full on extermination. In either case detection is the key to getting the infestation under control before things get truly nasty and items in your home need to be disposed of altogether.

For more information on bed bug infestations and how to spot them check out our website.

Getting Rid of Pest Bacteria

It is clear to anyone with even a basic knowledge of biology that pests like bugs and rodents carry diseases. The huge range of diseases can be transmitted through mere contact with these critters is staggering. These are potentially devastating illnesses like salmonella and you can get them by merely making contact with a surface once occupied by your uninvited guests.

Avoiding the spreading diseases to yourself and your family during an infestation of any kind should be your top priority. While disposable fly traps and mouse traps might get the infestation under control they do not account for the array of bacteria left in the wake of an infestation. Each and every surface in your home must be scrubbed with the kind of heavy duty cleaning solutions that will be sure to kill anything living on countertops, tables, and anywhere else these dastardly and gross beasts might have occupied.

If a sticky mouse trap catches your intruder it is important to dispose of the offending debris quickly and securely in a bag that is removed completely from your home. While cleaning and disposing of pests it is important that you are extensively washing your hands and any clothes that might touch these surfaces.

In all the key is to be thorough in your cleaning up after these problems.

Preparing for Bed Bug Infestations

bed bug infestationsBeing prepared for a bed bug infestation is an important consideration no matter who you are or where you live. The truth is bed bugs are among the least discerning pests in the world. The very rich and the very poor are just about equally likely to end up with an infestation because everyone is vulnerable to picking these pests up.

You can pick up bed bugs almost anywhere. Whether you are browsing at a Barnes and Noble or sitting court side at a basketball game. Nearly impossible to see with the naked eye bed bugs can simple jump or fall onto you. When you take them home they will immediately begin breeding and infiltrating every corner of your home they can reach.

Keeping a bed bug travel spray handy is a good idea, whether you are on the road or not. If you catch a bed bug occupation before they begin to breed you might avoid a traumatic and expensive infestation. Another helpful item is a bed bug detection system. You can identify the infestation and call in experts immediately with that helpful item.

In the end the vulnerability we all have to bed bug infestations is actually something that unites us all. Now let’s all unite behind having some handy travel bed bug spray.

The Basics for Renters with Infestations

For renters coping with an infestation of pests things can get frustrating. Are you responsible for an influx of rodents or bugs as a result of a poorly maintained space? Are you protected under some legal precedent in a given city?

In most cities across the United States there are statutes that insist a pest infestation is the responsibility of a landlord. Renters might be encouraged to hang disposable fly traps or some other method of catching these critters but should problems persist it falls disposable fly trapson the landlord to invest in the more expensive solutions such as hiring an exterminator.

Of course there have been exceptions to these rules and laws do vary state to state. In some cases a landlord can prove that damage offering open entry for pests is the result of a tenant’s actions. They might also call into question a renter’s cleanliness in an effort to shuck the responsibility for the unwanted occupants of their building.

Renters should have things like glue mouse traps at the ready in case of issues like these. They might also consider looking over the home for any openings that could be inviting to pests prior to signing their lease. Looking into a building’s history of infestation might be fairly easy to do on the Web as well.

Assessing the Damage an Infestation Caused

how to catch a mouseSo you have taken control of your rodent problem with some glue mouse traps. This is great. After an infestation has been handled it is important to assess any damage done by these pests. If mice and/or rats were in your walls you should attempt to make sure that your home’s wiring is all still in tact. Those chewed up or exposed wires can effect your home’s electricity or worse cause fires.

You should also check furniture, molding, and other home fixtures for damage. Knowing the extent of damage and dealing with as much of it as you can afford to will help ward away further erosion.

Now it is up to you to ensure that the source of the problem has been taken care of. This requires sealing any and all openings in your home that are the size of a dime or larger. In many communities there are experts that will scan your home for these kinds of openings and repair them. If you plan on going it alone the key is to be thorough.

Knowing how to catch a mouse is only part of the battle. The damage done by an infestation can be a pricey concern for homeowners.

Infestation Prevention for Restaurants

disposable fly trapsRestaurants across the country have seen the intensity of health inspections increased exponentially over the last half decade or so. States and cities are looking deeper into potential problems in commercial kitchens and now problems that once seemed to be standard for the food service industry can cause an otherwise successful business to shutdown.

To make matters worse the reality television industry has invited the American viewing public into restaurants and bars across the country on shows like Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmares. These shows are exposing dirty secrets that could destroy many an eateries’ reputation forever.

One of the areas that is easiest to control is the presence of pests in your restaurant. By keeping some effective sticky mouse traps and some disposable bug traps around you can general stifle any infestation before it becomes a health hazard. Your ability to successfully and quickly mitigate an infestation quickly might be the difference between remaining a vital and trusted business and shuttering your doors completely.

Keeping pests out of a commercial kitchen requires vigilant cleaning and a systematic approach to kitchen maintenance but for some places that is simply not enough. Any restaurant should always have a supply of disposable fly traps and mouse traps on hand in case issues arise.

Fly Bag Trap

disposable fly trapsGetting rid of flies is not a pleasant bit of business. It is messy and gross. This is why we’re trying to get rid of the flies in the first place! They cover everything they land on in bacteria and spread illness with every flap of their tiny disgusting wings.

As an alternative to our effective glue traps, we have a disposable fly trap that closes the flies into a bag that can be easily thrown away without even touching these critters. This Fly Bag Trap is perfect for anyone worried that pets or young children might rustle our open air disposable fly traps.

How does it work?

You add water to a fly attractant included in our bag. Made to last a long time this specially made fly attractant is designed to attract a variety of different species of flies. The bags can catch hundreds of flies! More importantly, the baits are non-toxic for humans and pets alike.

A baited fly bag is a great way to get a fly infestation under wraps quickly and without disturbing your surroundings. Check out this and other variations on our disposable fly traps at our newly updated website today!

Glue Mouse Traps: A History

sticky mouse trapsCatchmaster’s glue mouse traps are acknowledged internationally to be among the most effective on the market. The glue boards and other variations on sticky traps were an innovative alternative to the clunky and often ineffective mouse traps of the past. You know, the gruesome steam-punk contraptions cartoon mice regularly thwarted.

It is surprising to many people that the traps currently leading the international mouse trap market were actually not the primary endeavor of the company making them initially. A subsidiary of a company called Atlantic Paste & Glue, Catchmaster was founded by the thirty year old company in 1982.

The effective adhesives being manufactured by AP&G  were great business when the company was founded in the 1950’s. The company was run by restless innovators not content with merely playing a part in the glue and adhesive industry. Instead, they used their position as manufacturers of glue to get into a variety of industries, textile bindings, envelope and packaging adhesives, inks, and finally sticky mouse traps.

The effectiveness of the Catchmaster brand glue mouse traps were enough to swallow much of the rest of the companies resources. The pest control wing of the business effectively blew up and became the primary focus of the company in the 1980’s.

Polar Bear Sticky Mouse Traps for Cold Temperatures

glue mouse trapsSticky mouse traps are a great way to manage a mouse problem in your home or restaurant. They capture the culprit and allow you to remove it from your premises, effectively putting an end to the trail of scent they leave to let fellow rodents know a spot is great for food. Of course in the colder winter months many of these traps become ineffective. Catchmaster has gone out of its way to find a solution.

Perfect for restaurants and stores with walk-in refrigerators, the Polar Bear Glue Trap is made to work in temperatures as low as 0° Fahrenheit. Even if you do not have an industrial walk-in fridge, these sticky mouse traps are great for unheated basements and garages for homeowners. There is no reason that you should be limited in using your garage to store food during the coldest months of the year. With these specially designed traps, you can keep those supplies safe from hungry rodents.

Finding a solution for cold weather is just one of the latest innovations that Catchmaster has taken on. Check out our website for more information and other options for keeping your home, business, or anything in between pest-free this winter!